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Paint, Collage & Found Objects





Bill Wysor - Artist, Painter


B Wysor ArtBill's work reflects the realism and luminosity of the old masters. He portrays the simple dignity of people, and his focus transforms everyday objects into meditations on order and serenity. From his artist's statement:

"In the still life paintings my aim is to create order, to express a serenity, a sense of balance. In a world filled with tension and confusion, I attempt to evoke a calm restfulness, to provide a place of stillness for the viewer. In our increasingly secular and artificial times, realism paradoxically can offer a means of transcendence. The viewer's connection to the reality of a scene can be transformed into a meditation and communion with the world. To challenge the fundamental isolation of the individual is a worthy goal of art." (More Photos)


Linda Rae Russo - Painter, Mixed-Media Artist

Karen Sparks OtterLinda Rae Russo, painter and mixed-media collage artist, cites her deep love of nature and animals as her inspiration to create art. Her Natural Elements collages combine prints of her original paintings with gleanings from the woods and fields to create truly unique nature pieces. Linda's paintings of birds, butterflies, animals and wild flowers are framed using bark from fallen trees, twigs, grasses, and pressed leaves. Each piece is meticulously crafted and made to endure for many years. "I feel very blessed to live and work in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains," says Linda. She shares the beauty and deep mystery of the mountains through her art. (More Photos)



Lucia Bakewell - Painter, Mixed-Media Artist


Lucia Bakewell's collageLucia Bakewell's childhood years spent in mountain areas and cities gave her a mixed love of both country and urban art. Her style encompasses a broad range - from primitive to traditional as she creates beautiful new work from many disparate sources.

Lucia's strong attraction to texture, color, and design has led her to work in the medium of collage where found papers become parts of new works with new meanings, totally unimaginable in their original forms. She further explores her love of color, texture, and design through painting in acrylics the landscapes of her beloved mountains. Painting, in turn, has led her to mixed-media projects with found objects again taking center stage. Tables discarded by others represent a favorite canvas for transformation and new meaning.

Her work includes three-dimensional cityscapes created with found materials, beaded and textured florals, working clocks with collaged and painted facades, as well as wire arts, and iconography - art of a religious nature.

Lucia delights in the art that she creates, often surprising even herself. Indeed, her art shares with the viewer her sense of adventure and delight. It is truly exciting to imagine what she may create next! (More photos)


Judy Skeen - Artist


Judy Skee's SheepJudy Skeen's paintings, drawings, and collages reveal the divine spark in the everyday lives of creatures that she encounters on her Highland County, Virginia, farm - the sheep, blue jays, owls, foxes, deer and other animals. Her familiars are sometimes known to her by name - a favorite ewe named Ruthie, for example. Judy's work speaks a deep reverence for nature, life lived close to the earth, and spiritual connection with daily and seasonal miracles. (More photos)




Anne Jenkins - Artist, Painter

Anne-Jenkins SunflowerAnne's vibrant paintings reflect her joyful embrace of life and adventure. Her big, textured sunflowers can cheer most anyone out of the doldrums!

An English citizen born and raised in South Africa, Anne lived in six European countries, ultimately settling in New Orleans, Louisiana. After her art space was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, Anne replanted her creative work in her new studio and gallery, The Point of Art, in Union Point, GA. Here she can be found painting her acrylics on big canvases full of bright color and movement. She also does house portraits as well as funky folk art on architectural tin.

Anne's life has been one of travel and variety. Among other things, she has worked as a reporter, photographer, and travel writer published in the LA Times and Opera Now. She and her husband spent five years living on a sailboat in the Mediterranean. Anne's paintings can be found in many collections across Europe, the U.S. and Canada. (More photos)