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Glenn Weber, Photographer

Glenn Weber photographyGlenn Weber lives and works in an area where folks still love stories, and the rich oral tradition is still to be heard on back porches lit by fireflies. In his rural town in Wilkes County, Georgia, Glenn has captured potent visual stories with his camera. We are extremely lucky to have a small trove of his black and white images from the 70's and early 80's. A weary hound dog is displayed for sale in the back of a battered pick-up truck on a "trade day," or a preacher seems ready to take flight during a dedication ceremony speech. Missy the horse is a study in light and shadow backlit by a sunny moment. A woodcock alertly regards the cameraman from roadside brush. A black man casts a night-time vote at the polls (a small whitewashed outbuilding) in which the ballot box is a metal garbage can. Glenn's fine photographs suggest a rye and earthy sense of humor along with his love of the land and its people. (More photos)